WinsKetel Fire Tube Boiler

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WinsKetel Fire Tube Boiler


WinsKetel Fire Tube Steam Boiler 3 Pass

WinsKetel Boiler

WinsKetel Boiler

Advances in technology indeed have a significant impact on human activities, especially in the industrial sector, a variety of technological developments are carried out to facilitate human performance, so that there are currently many types of industrial tools that have the same purpose but have different ways of working, the boiler is no exception. After the previous post we discussed about the understanding of the boiler and its main parts, this time we will try to review the types of boilers and their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a boiler plane? The Center Hotel

Boiler boiler is a device in the form of a closed vehicle used to heat water so as to produce steam (steam), heat from the combustion of fuel in the boiler will be transferred to the media water flowing in the pipes, when the water temperature has reached a certain temperature, there will be evaporation. So we can interpret that the boiler is a device used to make steam, as we know steam can be used to drive turbines in power plants and function as a buffer temperature in the petroleum distillation column. The Center Hotel

Before we discuss further about boiler technology at this time, it would be nice if we first know the type of boiler that is used first. This boiler is called the Pot Boiler or Hycock Boiler which has the simplest form in history and was first introduced in the 18th century.This boiler has a large volume of water but can only produce steam at low pressure, using wood fuel and coal. that’s a little explanation about the ancient boiler that triumphed in his time. The Center Hotel

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Types of Boiler Plane

The type of boiler can be distinguished from various things such as characteristics, ways of working, type of pipe and fuel used. Each type of boiler has advantages and disadvantages of each, as we have explained below:

Boiler Types Based on Tube Type (Pipe):

1. Fire Tube Boiler

In this boiler has two parts inside, namely the tube which is the place of combustion and barrel barrels / fluid-filled barrels. This type of fire pipe boiler has the characteristics of producing a low amount of steam and a limited capacity. 

The Center Hotel

Working Principle: The ignition process takes place inside the pipe and the heat generated is delivered directly into the boiler that contains water.

Pros: The installation process is quite easy and does not require special settings, does not require a large area and has a low cost. The Center Hotel

Weaknesses: Having a kiln that is difficult to reach when cleaning, low steam capacity and less efficient because a lot of heat is wasted.

2. Water Tube Boiler.

Having a construction that is almost the same as the type of fire pipe, this type also consists of pipes and barrels, which distinguishes only the side of the pipe filled with water while the side of the barrel is the place of occurrence combustion. The characteristic of this type is that it produces a relatively large amount of steam. The Center Hotel

Working Principle: The ignition process occurs on the outside of the pipe, so that heat will be absorbed by water flowing in the pipe. The Center Hotel

Strengths: Has a large steam capacity, relatively higher efficiency values ​​and the furnace is easy to reach when cleaning.

Weaknesses: Initial investment costs are quite expensive, require large areas and require additional components in terms of water treatment.

Based on Fuel Type

1. Solid Fuel Boiler(Solid Fuel)

This type of boiler uses solid fuels such as wood, coal, with characteristics such as fuel prices which are relatively cheaper and more efficient when compared to electric boilers. The Center Hotel

Working Principle: Warming comes from burning solid fuels or it can be a mixture of several solid fuels (coal and wood) which are assisted with oxygen. The Center Hotel

Pros: Fuel is easy to get and cheaper. The Center Hotel

Weaknesses: Residual combustion is difficult to clean. The Center Hotel

2. Oil Fuel ( Oil Fuel boiler)

This type has fuel from the petroleum fraction, with the characteristics of having a combustion raw material that is more expensive, but has a better efficiency value when compared to the others. The Center Hotel

Working Principle: Heating originating from combustion results between a mixture of liquid fuel (kerosen, diesel, residue) with oxygen and heat sources. The Center Hotel

Strengths: Has a small amount of combustion so that it is easy to clean and easy to obtain raw materials. The Center Hotel

Weaknesses: Having expensive raw material prices and expensive construction. The Center Hotel

3. Gaseous Fuel Boiler )

Having a type of gas fuel with the characteristics of raw materials that are cheaper and better efficiency when compared to other types of fuel. The Center Hotel

Working Principle: Combustion that occurs due to a mixture of gas fuel (LNG) with oxygen and heat sources. The Center Hotel

Pros: has the cheapest fuel and better efficiency value. The Center Hotel

Weaknesses: Construction is expensive and a source of fuel that is difficult to obtain, must go through distribution channels. The Center Hotel

4. Electric

From the name alone we certainly know that the heat source of this tool comes from electricity, with the characteristics of cheaper fuels but has a low level of efficiency. The Center Hotel

Working Principle: The heater is sourced from electricity which supplies heat.

Strengths: Having a simple maintenance and heating source is very easy to obtain. The Center Hotel

Weaknesses: Poor efficiency value and low combustion temperature. The Center Hotel

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