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TIPS BUYING COMPRESSORS Air crew Compressor| SELL WIND COMPRESSORS Air crew Compressor Many distributors out there sell wind compressor fanfare which they sell the best. There must be a lot of questions in our heads how to buy goods that fit the budget but with good performance, such as the following questions:
Want to buy a compressor but still confused with the many choices and types of compressor itself?
Want to buy a compressor but don’t know where?
Afraid of buying the wrong type, the wrong size or the wrong type of compressor?
Don’t know whether you need a single stage compressor, double stage compressor or screw compressor.
Starting today, do not worry anymore about the distributor selling the air compressor that you choose, here I will try to help to provide advice on buying a wind compressor.
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First of all the function of the compressor is to increase the pressure of a gas or air. Air pressure can be compressed by reducing the volume, when the volume decreases the pressure will rise.
Compressor Air crew Compressor is a machine / tool for compressing air or a gas. General understanding usually sucks air which is a mixture of several gases with a mixture of 785 Nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1 mixture of argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor, oil, and others.
Because of compression, air becomes more pressure than the air pressure around us. In everyday life, compressed air is often used to fill car or motorcycle tires. And often these compressors are used to clean dirty parts in the workshop and also other benefits that we can find everyday.


Selling Air Compressors Air crew Compressor One.kiThat Are Right For You

Selling Air Compressors – So many types and models of compressors themselves, sometimes it makes us confused. And also in addition there are also several other options such as dryers and compressor filters.

To make sure your choice of compressors is right, you should know:

1 The best type of compressor for our needs.
2 Pressure requirements
3 The capacity requirements of the compressor itself
In general there are 2 types of wind compressors namely, piston compressors and screw compressors. This is a very important thing in choosing the right compressor. I will give a little advice so you can choose the compressor comfortably.
Now all pressure and capacity is all about size and power. Too small the compressor will not help finish the job, but too big the compressor also can not help in completing the work even worse (for example: Spending big money for the price of an expensive wind compressor, large maintenance costs, and large electricity costs).

What type of air compressor Air crew Compressor do we need?

Reciprocating / Piston Compressors – Sell Air Compressors
The compressor piston uses one or more pistons. The piston will move up and down in compressing the air. There are two valves that function to regulate air intake. This one-way valve serves to press the air so that it cannot get out when the compressor piston works up and down. Compressor piston. Usually this type of compressor piston only ranges from small to medium or medium. This all depends on the needs we want. If you want more air. Screw type compressors are the right choice.
But don’t worry, not all piston compressors are small. The piston type compressors are widely used for workshops and also small businesses where the need for water is not too large and is not operational continuously. Will only function automatically when the pressure (air pressure) starts remaining a little depending on the set point and will also stop automatically when the pressure (pressure) is full.
This type of compressor Air crew Compressor is also good if you have a lot of changes in the air that will be used. For example, we only need an air compressor only at certain times, not every time.
2 Oil free compressor piston
Need oil free air? 
You can also use a common type piston compressor but with an oil filter or oil filter that can filter out oil-containing air which will produce oil-free air. For this type of oil free compressor requires a slightly higher cost than the compressor type generally. But guaranteed 100% of the air produced is free of oil content.

Types of Compressors Oil Free – Selling Air Compressors

For this type of oil free compressor Air crew Compressor, it does cost a little more than the compressor type in general. But guaranteed 100% of the air produced is free of oil content. Oil free compressors are very important for you, if you work in food, medicine or sensitive business, for example painting business or painting
Why are oil free or oil-less compressors Air crew Compressor so good because the air they produce is free from the contents of any liquid meant from the oil content. So if you work in the painting, food industry etc. oil-less or oil free compressors are the right choice. In addition, the motor used does not use oil like the compressor type generally. And also maintenance that is very easy and also more durable. Where the oil free compressor is also not too noisy, it is suitable for use at home without having to disturb the surrounding environment.

The difference between an electric compressor Air crew Compressor and gasoline – Selling Air Compressors

Engined system compressors can be used anywhere because there are no electricity limitations. Ideally, this compressor is chosen because of work outside or in certain locations that are limited by electric power. Whereas an electric compressor requires an electric voltage to operate.

Capacity and pressure for compressors Air crew Compressor Selling Air Compressors

Before buying an air compressorAir crew Compressor, you must know how much pressure and capacity are required. If you do not know how much capacity and pressure are needed, I will discuss in the next week, maybe you will find the type of compressor that is suitable for your business.
The compressor is divided into 2:
1. Single-stage
2. Two-stage


The single-stage compressor is great for small jobs at home and also for small workshops. This type of compressor is very durable when used in a one-person workshop. But if you need more than 2 people or more or use a lot of double compressor power tools will be more suitable for you. There are several things to consider when buying a single stage compressor. Examples such as pressure and capacity are very important for this type of compressor.
Maximum pressure
Periska maximum pressure, keep in mind that if you buy a compressor with a maximum pressure that is higher than you need, we can still lower the pressure setpoint or we can also maintain high pressure by reducing the pressure needed. Also keep in mind that pumping higher pressure will incur higher costs.
The capacity of the compressor Air crew Compressor depends on the amount of air produced from the compressor.
Many people do not know how much pressure they need. Lots of people selling air compressors online advertise the size of the air tank, for example 60L, but what is the capacity?
Remember the capacity is CFM (CUBIC FOOT per MINUTE) while the tank size is how many liters (L).
Horse power
Horsepower or piston (in HP or KW) is actually not very important. It just follows from how much pressure and capacity we need. 
Tank size
Big tank vs small tank
With large tanks the compressor will rarely be used. But it will take longer to fill the tank with the required pressure. But on the other hand you can use the air in the tank for longer, before the compressor starts filling again.
With a smaller tank, the compressor will start often and the tank will be filled very quickly. A big tank is better, but don’t just look at the size of the tank. The capacity of the compressor is far more important.


Double stage compressors are very suitable for industrial businesses because these double stage compressors are tougher than single stage compressors and can also handle greater pressure and capacity.

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