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Thermal Oil Heater Bahan Bakar Fiber Cangkang Sawit

Thermal Oil Heater Bahan Bakar Fiber Cangkang Sawit

Humans always need natural resources to meet their survival. Call it LPG gas fuel which is often used to meet primary needs. Fuel oil (BBM) is generally used for the movement of transportation equipment back and forth. And other forms of resources that are the mainstay of every human need. However, unfortunately sometimes humans do not realize that natural resources originating from ancient chunks of millions of years do not rule out the possibility of experiencing a period of scarcity. So even here, humans actually need creativity or new innovations related to alternative fuels as the right solution. Call it, one of them is boiler fuel. However, the next problem did you know that palm shells are used as boiler fuel? What are the specifications for palm shells as boiler fuel?

Specification of Palm Oil Shell as Boiler Fuel
Basically a boiler is a steam-producing ‘kettle’ located in a palm oil mill. One of the important tools that is useful for running a steam turbine as a power plant. It also acts as a source of energy in meeting the needs of the palm oil processing process. In the process will also involve the role of water. Where this serves as a feed that is delivered into a series of pipes contained in the Boiler. After being heated, the wet steam is then transformed into dry steam whose status does not contain drops of water droplets at all. The content of this dry steam entity is actually used as the driving medium for the steam turbine. The main fuel that is often used alone is waste produced from palm oil. More precisely, namely, the palm shell or shell.

Abundant Raw Material
Palm oil industry factories will certainly carry out oil production on a large scale. So that automatically, waste in the form of palm shells will accumulate. On the contrary, this production waste is the main material for producing alternative energy that is easily obtained around the factory for boiler fuel. The availability of large palm shells or shells is very possible to be reprocessed into more useful raw materials. At least this is a place to maximize the use of resources.

Production Waste Recycling
By making palm oil shells as an effective boiler fuel, at least it can reduce the intensity of industrial factory production waste. Production waste recycling system that is a mutualist symbiosis. In fact, this is a process of creativity and innovation that deserves to be developed.

High Calorie Value
Another reason why palm shells should be used as boiler fuel is due to the calorific value it contains. Where the calorific value contained in the palm shell has met the requirements to produce the required heat. This is definitely one of the logical reasons why palm shells are used as boiler fuel.

Sustainable Benefits
Another advantage possessed by this palm shell is that the remnants of combustion can still be utilized optimally. Namely by making the ashes of the burning residue as fertilizer for the growth and development of the palm oil tree itself, as well as for other plants. The cycle of utilization can be said to be continuous. As if there is no ending.

Economical price
While the specification of palm oil shells is used as the final boiler fuel, it is because of its economical price. The selling price of palm shells, which are more pocket-friendly, is one of the clear differences from other fuels. Call it for example like coal, fuel oil and so on.